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Tatiana’s Story

A journey to nourished life

Hello, my name is Tatiana Thompson and I am a certified health coach.

I have been a rule follower for as long as I can remember. 

As a Physical Therapist right out of school, I prescribed exactly what I learned: a specific number of exercises and reps. I paid religious attention to the data, as I knew “the studies must support what you do.” After years of this, I slowly felt and saw that the rules didn’t make sense, especially since the studies seemed to support a myriad of different approaches depending on the agenda. Turns out, the rules of food and exercise didn’t always make sense in the real world. 

At first, I was confused, but when I let go of the rules I started to hear and listen to my inner sense, my inner wisdom, my gut wisdom. I started not following the rules so strictly. I started trusting my intuition when treating and communicating with my patients. 

As I listened more and more to my inner wisdom, it became increasingly frustrating to see my hospital patients experience unnecessary discomfort, pain and costs. Most of my patients seemed to have the three most common chronic diseases: type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. All three of these conditions are preventable and reversible. I felt like I was on the wrong end of the stick. I was just patching people up, helping them get up and about after heart surgery or a diabetic amputation. I was coming late to this game, and that just didn’t sit right with me. I was even struggling with my own increasing risk factors and therefore more motivated to attain the body and energy that I wanted. 

I want women to know what feels good for their energy, their body and their mind so that they chose to live in ease and comfort, rather than pain and suffering. Furthermore, I believe that each one of us can make new impactful choices at any time of life.

I wanted to do this work as intuitively and logically as possible: by listening to my gut and following my own rules. I found that my gut wisdom, my inner wisdom, was pretty smart. I now couple my formal physical therapy training and experience with transformational coaching methods to guide women to find new and sustainable habits that support their wants and desires from this life now.  

Above all, you are just one call away from discovering your first step towards creating a nourished life.



Fuel your body right

Our bodies are like machines, and they need the proper fuel to perform. Together, we will figure out what foods energize you, which ones rob you of energy and then create a sustainable plan that fits your needs. Get in touch today to take the first step towards a happy, healthy and nourished body.


Create an active lifestyle

Is it hard to find time to get active? Does exercise seem intimidating? Does general movement hurt? Many of your problems can be solved simply by finding the right activity for you and your body. As your health coach, I will help you find a movement you enjoy, incorporate it into your life and hold you accountable. Your body will thank you.


Connect with your inner self

A clear mind makes for a clear life, but we often let external stressors and the business of everyday life cloud our minds. Through this program, I will help you refocus on the present and become more in tune with your own needs, both mental and physical. Don’t just go through the motions of life. Take time to experience your world wholly.

Whether it’s fatigue or being uncomfortable in your body, I am here to help you. 
If you give yourself 45 minutes, I will guide you to discover your unique goals for a healthier you.
First of all, schedule your 45-minute complimentary call today and then experience your Total Energy & Body Transformation .


The steps we will take together towards a brighter, more empowered you in just 90 days.

Build a Foundation

  • Set your Goal
  • Gain awareness of your unique body
  • Visualize your success

Dig Deeper

  • Discover what is stopping you from change
  • Learn to make guilt-free choices
  • Replace default behaviors
  • Discover your stressor and relaxers
  • Tap into your potential

Choose Your New Reality

  • Identify the power of your personal story
  • Realize your new baseline
  • Appreciate where you are and where you came from


“I have been a Junk-Food-Junky most of my life. I have lived on the rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain for years. I have grown roots on the couch on lazy or unmotivated days….then I get stressed when things pile up.
Working with Tatiana, I lost weight and we figured out how to untangle me from the “roots” on my couch! “

Susan Robinson

“You keep me motivated. Having you as my coach helps me finally take action on things that Ihave been thinking about doing for a long time. “

Cara Overbeck


Maybe you want to hear more about how I can help you transform your life.
If so, contact me today to plan some time together.

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